Historical figures in the books

Here are some pictures of historical figures mentioned in Diana Gabaldon's books. Hope you enjoy these!

Charles Stuart (I love the way the artist caught the haughty, disdainful expression on his face)


Denis Diderot (French author, whom Lord John meets near the beginning of BOTB)

Governor William Tryon

Governor William Tryon (colonial governor of North Carolina)

King Louis XV of France (as he looked in 1748, only four years after Jamie and Claire met him)

Lord George Germain (Secretary of State for America during the Revolution), whom Lord John goes to see near the beginning of ECHO

Andrew Bell, co-founder of the Encyclopaedia Britannica (the nose is unmistakable, isn't it?)

Flora MacDonald (pictured here as a young woman)

The Comte St. Germain (apparently dressed in the robes of an occultist)

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Alli said...

I just love all the historical characters (not to mention real history) in all of Diana's books. I majored in history in University so my love for it comes naturally. I just can't get enough! Interesting note from the previous entry on historical characters in Echo - there is a city in Canada named for Joseph Brant (Brantford, Ontario) which is close to the house he lived and died in (in Burlington, Ontario near Lake Ontario). He's interesting as he plays an important role in American and Canadian history.

Deniz Bevan said...

Love it when you do these posts Karen! Hmm, I find it rather creepy looking at Louis like that, actually, remembering him and Claire. Ick!

Susan said...

Thank you Karen! You do come up with great posts to help us with the background of the books. I agree with your comment on Charles Stuart. And I love his outfit!

Hurry up and get here, November 16!!

Susan H.

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