OUTLANDER Tours of Scotland

I saw the following link on Compuserve today (thanks, Sini!) and wanted to pass it along.

Highland Experience USA is offering an OUTLANDER-themed tour of Scotland. They are billing this as an "Outlandish Adventures" tour. Sounds like fun!

I know of several other sites that offer tours of Scotland geared toward fans of Diana Gabaldon's books.  In addition to the one mentioned above, check out these other tour sites:

Clans & Castles Outlander Tour

Jamie and Claire Tour of Scotland

Celtic Journeys

Have any of you been on one of these OUTLANDER-themed tours? If so, please post here and tell us about it.  Any tips for first-time visitors to Scotland would be appreciated!

Here's an article from 2008 about a group that went on the Celtic Journeys tour.  And check out the Outlandish Spirits blog, by Samantha MacKenzie, who runs the Jamie and Claire Tour along with her husband, Scot.

And no, I've never been to Scotland myself. Still hoping to visit there some day!

UPDATE 3/11/2011 7:15 am: Diana has posted some information about these OUTLANDER-based tours on her new web site.

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Aven said...

As I said in the Compuserve thread, I highly recommend The Jamie and Claire Tour. We'll never forget that week. I blogged about it in June 2009 @ www.avenrn.blogspot.com

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