USA Today article about Diana

There's an article in USA Today about Diana!

I only have a few small quibbles:

- "a cult following"?  I object to that on general principles, even if it's sort of true. <g>

- "a British husband in the 20th century and a Scottish one in the 18th" - Scots are British too, no? I think he should have said "English", not "British" (and yes, I know I'm nitpicking here <g>)

- In the small box at the lower left of the page, labeled "Stats for Gabaldon", it calls ECHO "the seventh and final book" in the series. <rolling eyes>  Idiots!  Why do they do that?  The briefest glance at Diana's web site, or Wikipedia for that matter, would tell anyone that there is indeed going to be a Book 8.

Anyway, I thought it was a pretty good piece. You may want to check it out.

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Susan Sanders said...

They also state that she introduced Lord John in Voyager, but we actually met him in DIA

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