Allan Scott-Douglas interview and CD giveaway

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For those of you who are fans of OUTLANDER: The Musical, or Allan Scott-Douglas (who sings the part of Jamie Fraser on the CD), or both:

Check out this wonderful interview with Allan Scott-Douglas, by Michelle at Another Look Book Reviews, in which Allan talks about how he got the part of Jamie, what he thinks about OUTLANDER fans, and more!
The wonderful thing about the Outlander series is exactly what you mentioned; the ‘passionate fans’. Without those fans, the books wouldn’t have been the success they are and ‘Outlander the Musical’ and any future movie or television series would never exist. For that reason, I have huge respect for the opinions of the Outlander fan base – both good and bad.

Thanks very much to Michelle for letting me know about this interview. But that's not all! If you live in the US or Canada, you can enter a contest on Michelle's blog to win a CD of OUTLANDER: The Musical. All you have to do is comment on her blog post between now and Sunday evening.

If you haven't yet listened to the CD, I highly recommend it! My detailed review is here. And there is a "sampler" CD of four songs from the musical included with the brand-new 20th Anniversary Edition of OUTLANDER. Here's a preview of the songs on the CD.

I have actually begun listening to the CD again in recent days, for the first time in about eight months, and I find it holds up very well to repeated listening.

For more discussion about Allan Scott-Douglas, including the idea of his playing Jamie in any future movie or miniseries, look here.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much Karen for spreading the word. You're a doll.

Karen Henry said...


You're very welcome! :-) I'm always happy to help spread the word about any OUTLANDER-related news.


Christine said...

That was a wonderful interview, Michelle!

Karen - I hadn't realized there was a CD in the 20th Anniversary Edition! I just saw the book in the bookstore and knew I must have it. Hahaha! How I missed any mention that it was included before now, I have no idea. Perked my Monday morning right up..thank you! ;)

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