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Now that we have a definite publication date (November 29, 2011) for THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, I have added a countdown widget to my blog. I hope you like it!

Diana is almost done with the writing of SCOTTISH PRISONER, which she hopes to complete this weekend, as she explained on Compuserve yesterday:
I also need to a) finish pasting in the missing bits of Section V, read it to and fro and tweak anything that may need it, break the chapters and title them (it's a short section; I think there are only four or five chapters), b) unpack and do all the laundry (as I have to repack everything for Scotland in three days), and c) rush by the Poisoned Pen and sign as many of the pre-ordered 20th-anniversary OUTLANDERS as time permits (I'll do the rest on Monday, before the launch event, if I don't manage them all tomorrow)--the Pen says they have about 500 orders needing personalized inscriptions, and those take a lot longer to do than the straight signatures.
I am really looking forward to getting my copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition of OUTLANDER. Have any of you seen it, and if so, what do you think of the look of it? The special features? Would you recommend it to other fans?


Aven said...

Hi Karen,
I picked up my copy of the 20th anniversary edition yesterday. I love the feel of it *g* I didn't realize there would be a copy of Outlander: The Musical...an added bonus to be sure. Haven't had a chance to thumb through it to see what other extras are hidden inside, but as of now, I am smitten :)

Aven said...

Got my copy yesterday. Didn't realize there would be a CD of the musical included. Nice surprise *g* I love the feel of the cover. Haven't had a chance to thumb through it yet, but as of now, I am smitten :)

Karen Henry said...

Hi Aven,

The feel of that book is just amazing, isn't it? I saw it in B&N last week and kept squeezing it over and over, just for the pleasure of how it felt under my fingers. :-) I can't wait until my own copy arrives.

The CD is not actually the whole musical, just three songs from the original and one new song. If you haven't yet heard the whole thing, you can order it from Amazon or the Outlander The Musical web site.


Shannon said...

I love it! I didn't realize all the 'extras' it had, but the feel and look of it is just lovely!

Karen Henry said...


It's a beautiful book, no question about it! :-) I can't wait to explore all the "extras" for myself.


mymacintyre said...

I will be at Poisoned Pen tomorrow night for the book signing, can't wait to get my book and see Diana!

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