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In honor of today's release of the paperback edition of SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH, here are some of my favorite quotes from Diana Gabaldon's story, "A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows".

If you haven't yet read "Leaf", I highly recommend it!  It's really a wonderful story, and a must-read for OUTLANDER fans.

All quotes below are copyright (c) Diana Gabaldon, of course. Page numbers refer to the hardcover edition.
"He wouldn't throw a fit—he hardly ever did—but he wouldn't give up, either." (p. 450)

I love that. Roger's calm temperament, his determination and refusal to give up, have been demonstrated so often over the course of the series. No surprise to me that these traits were evident even when he was only a toddler.
"You're right; they're not all brave. Most of them—-of us—-we're just…there, and we do our best. Most of the time." (p. 454)

I think this applies REALLY well to the Great Frank Debate <g>, because it's more evidence in favor of my argument that all of these characters, Frank included, are flawed, fallible human beings. Frank wasn't a hero, or a saint, or a villain, just a human being who did the best he could (most of the time <g>) with an impossible situation, after Claire came back.
"F*CK!" he bellowed, and ripping the strap free of his leg, he picked up the box and hammered it on the edge of the seat, then slammed it back onto his thigh—-visibly dented, he saw with grim satisfaction—and pressed the balky button.

Clunk, the camera answered meekly.

"Aye, well, then, just you remember that!" he said, and puffing in righteous indignation, gave the buttons a good jabbing.

(pp. 442-443)

Jerry's approach in dealing with balky machinery makes me laugh, because it's exactly the sort of thing I would have done.
"What d'ye think you are?" she whispered, leaning over him. "A gorilla?"

"Yeah," he whispered back, taking her hand and pressing it against him. "Want to see my banana?" (p. 435)

I love that line. <g>


Lara said...

I just finished Echo for the second time. It's taken me most of this year to reread the series only for the second time. I had planned to start over with all the LJG books in preparation for Scottish Prisoner, but I think I'll take a night to reread this as well. I remember the first time I read it and it literally took my breath away. The way Diana can intertwine the lives of her characters and create these amazing puzzle pieces through her stories, just fascinates me. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved this story as well!


Faith said...

Wow. Thank you for these tidbits and your insight :)

Faith said...

Wow. Thank you for these tidbits and your insight :)

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