A note from Diana about the #DailyLines

Those of you who have been enjoying Diana Gabaldon's posting of "#DailyLines" (brief bits from her writing) on Facebook and Twitter, please read this message from Diana, posted on Facebook this morning. (I think you have to be logged in to Facebook to see it. Be sure to click on "See More" at the bottom to see the whole thing.)

I thought Diana's comment at the end of this message was worth passing along, even to those of you who aren't on Facebook:

Now, I am not a machine <g>, nor do I have anyone posting these things for me, let alone a random quote-generator. Ergo, if I'm traveling, tired, ill, or hideously busy...no #DailyLines. (I've been in Canada for the last five days at a writers conference, for instance.) But when I can--and most days, I can--I'm delighted to share them with you. Hope you enjoy them!

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Faith said...

Glad you posted this--Diana does great things but she's human with a busy personal life I'm sure. Everyone always asking when the next book is coming (have they never heard of google? Lol) or demanding it faster annoys me sometimes, I can only imagine how she feels. I would venture to guess she is used to it by now..maybe.

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