Diana Gabaldon posted on Compuserve today that she finally received her very own first-off-the-presses copy of THE SCOTTISH PRISONER!

I asked her how many pages the story is, and here's her response:
The story itself is 507 pages.  The Author's Notes run from 509-518, and the previews from MOBY [she means WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD], from 521-534.
I'm really happy to hear that, because at 507 pages, SCOTTISH PRISONER will be even longer than BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLADE. It's going to be a substantial book -- not the size of one of the OUTLANDER novels, to be sure, but still, long enough that it will take a while to absorb all the details.

In other news....the audiobook of SCOTTISH PRISONER is now available for pre-order at sites like and Barnes & Noble. B&N is actually offering a very good deal on the CD version right now, only $30.36 (about 1/3 off the list price). I couldn't pass that up, so I pre-ordered from B&N last night. (Thanks to Sandy on Compuserve for the tip!) Release date for the audio CDs says November 29, the same day the hardcover and e-book versions will be published.

The picture above, from, lists both Jeff Woodman and Rick Holmes as narrators. In case you haven't heard, Jeff Woodman will be reading Lord John's parts of the book, and Rick Holmes will be reading Jamie's. I really hope this works out well. I've never listened to an audiobook with dual narrators before, but in this case it makes sense, as the book is told half from Jamie's point of view and half from Lord John's.

Oh, and in case you're wondering about availability of the audiobook on, Diana said on Compuserve today, "The audiobook _should_ be available pretty much simultaneously with the print version. <crossing fingers> _Really_ looking forward to hearing it!"

P.S. This site had a staggering 1400 page views on Wednesday, well over twice the usual number on a really good day. Whoever was exploring all the nooks and crannies of Outlandish Observations yesterday, I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to look around! Thanks, whoever you are, and leave me a comment if you want to.


Jaymie said...

Hi Karen! It wasn't me but thanks for keeping us all up to date on what is happening with the Scottish Prisoner and everything "Outlander"! Can't wait for November 29th!

Sandra said...

Karen, I'm so happy to read that your viewers have increased so much! I try to come often because I think your site is easy and interesting to read. Keep up the amazing work!


Karen Henry said...

Sandra - thanks so much for the kind words! I'm glad you've been enjoying my blog.


Jane said...

Karen, thanks for the tip about the B&N audio version being one third off. I will be pre-ordering. I have only bought one audio book before this, but I have to hear Jamie's voice. His lordship is another favorite, so I will be in audio book heaven.

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