New song from "OUTLANDER: The Musical"

I just saw this video of a new song called "One More Time" from OUTLANDER: The Musical and wanted to pass it on:

According to the OUTLANDER: The Musical website,

"This is a new song, music by Jill Santoriello, lyrics by Jill Santoriello and Mike Gibb, intended as a final number in a stage production of Outlander the Musical. It is sung by Claire at the graveyard in 1968 on discovering that Jamie didn't die at Culloden and she prepares to return to him. It is hoped that the full song will be available as a download soon!"

I think it's very good! (Please note, I have no comment on the casting of this video. I'm much more interested in the song than the video that goes along with it.)

If you haven't listened to OUTLANDER: The Musical, I would definitely recommend it.


Anonymous said...

DG fans need to know that the CD of OUTLANDER: The Musical is included with the special 20th year anniversary edition of OUTLANDER. Karen: Thanks for the link. I also concentrated on listening to the music not the characters. I fear for the choice of characters in the newly announced TV series, they won't meed Gabaldon fan approval. No way. JerryT

Karen Henry said...

Jerry - actually, the CD included in the 20th Anniversary Edition is a "sampler" that contains 3 songs from the regular OUTLANDER: The Musical CD, plus one new song (not the same as the song I'm talking about here.) It's not the full album.


Hardys on the Road said...

I have really enjoyed the album, downloaded it from iTunes. I agree, Karen, this is a great addition.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the clarification. My bad. I haven't detached the CD from my 20th Anniversary ed. so haven't actually listened to it. So much for guessing...

I do have the actual CD and hope this new song will be available soon from iTunes or elsewhere. Nice song.


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