November poll results

Here are the results of the November poll:

Of all the children in Diana Gabaldon's books, which one is your favorite?
  • 21.56% - I can't pick just one!
  • 19.69% - Jem
  • 18.68% - Fergus
  • 16.13% - Germain
  • 4.58% - Willie
  • 3.56% - Henri-Christian
  • 2.38% - Mandy
  • 1.36% - Young Ian
  • 0.34% - Aidan
  • 8.32% - All of the above.
  • 1.19% - Other
  • 2.21% - I'm not interested in the kids.
This was really a hard question, and somewhat unfair of me for making you choose a favorite! After all, like many of you, I love them all! But thanks to everyone who participated. There were 589 votes in this month's poll.

Here are the answers for "Other":
  • Can't choose between Jem and Germain!
  • Small Jamie learning how to pee, Outlander
  • Jem & Mandy. I have a 7 year old boy & 2 year old girl.They have so much in common
  • Jem and Mandy both because they are a direct descendant of Claire and Jamie
  • Each child is unique with his own endearing traits. There is something in each
  • All of the above - they all bring so much depth to the story in their own way.
  • All Jamie & Claire's Grand-children - Jem, Mandy, Germain, Joan, Felicite, & H-C
In the spirit of the holiday season, the new poll for December is all about your favorite gifts from Diana Gabaldon's books. I hope you'll take a moment to vote. Thanks!

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