OUTLANDER Casting: Murtagh

More OUTLANDER casting news: Duncan Lacroix will play Jamie's godfather, Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser in the upcoming OUTLANDER TV series on STARZ.  See the press release here.

Based solely on his photo, I'm delighted with the choice of Duncan Lacroix. His face is very, very much like what I've always pictured for Murtagh. <g>

And his Irish connection is interesting, given that Murtagh is related to (among others) Abbot Michael FitzGibbons from THE SCOTTISH PRISONER.

The casting people continue to do a phenomenal job. Fingers crossed that they'll do as well with Claire!

Stay tuned for another BIG casting announcement sometime tomorrow (Wednesday)!

For more information about the OUTLANDER TV series, see my FAQ page here.

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Cris said...

Wow. He is SO much hotter than I ever pictured for Murtaugh. I feel like I have to go read the whole series again with this face in mind.

I can't wait to see the show!

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