Diana Gabaldon-Ron Moore panel at NYCC

Many thanks to Johanna Field from OUTLANDER TV News for posting this detailed summary of Friday evening's panel discussion at New York Comic Con featuring Diana Gabaldon and Ron Moore (executive producer of the TV series).  The photo above comes from @OUTLANDER_STARZ on Twitter.

A few things I learned from this:

- Ron Moore: "When the people at Starz read ‘Outlander’, they came back and told him to make the show for the fans, and to trust that those who haven’t read the book will like it, too."

- They will be using Castle Doune for the exterior shots of Castle Leoch.

- When asked how he has been affected by the fandom, Ron replied, “I live with a fan. My job is not to screw up the book.” (His wife, Maril, is one of the costume designers on the show.)

I would definitely encourage you all to read the full blog post!

I hope those of you at Comic Con have fun this weekend!  I can't be there in person, but I am definitely with you in spirit. <g>

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