Diana Gabaldon and Frazer Hines on BBC Radio

Some of you may remember a 30-minute BBC Radio piece called "Time Travelling Scots", featuring Diana Gabaldon and Frazer Hines (the actor whose role on a long-ago episode of "Doctor Who" inspired Diana to write about 18th-century Scotland).

The show was originally broadcast in 2010, and the BBC is making it available again this week -- but only for a limited time! If you haven't listened to it before, I would definitely encourage you all to take the time to listen to the whole thing. The program was terrific, thoroughly enjoyable, and I would highly recommend it to any OUTLANDER fan.

The link is here.

You can see more about Diana's encounter with Frazer Hines, and the "Doctor Who" connection, on her blog here.


Unknown said...

Fabulous listen! I was very lucky to get to hear her and meet her at a book signing....she is a wonderful gal!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved this!!! (except the 'Titanic' theme kept throwing me off!!) Thank you for posting this!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Karen, for making this narration accessible. I'd not heard it previously and it is a sweet piece.

Carla, Austin, TX

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