Diana Gabaldon's comments on Episode 108

Diana Gabaldon made some very interesting comments on her blog yesterday about OUTLANDER Episode 108, "Both Sides Now".  This is a fairly lengthy post, but definitely worth reading!

If you haven't yet seen Episode 108, there are SPOILERS in Diana's post. Read at your own risk!

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Dosaybe said...

we need to balance episodes of assault and violence with female bravery and also orgasms....so far the orgasm part is falling behind... I read your blog about filming, but the emotional intimacy is the only significant difference between swordfight and dying en mass on Outlander and GOThrones for example, It is the mental health, the emotional bells ringing that distinguishes Claire and her 2 long term marriages. So it is very important to the emotional clarity... The pressure is on to keep it masculine in viewpoint... even Claire has lost control of her story. She has moved from a competent and able and fearless heroine to a victim shuddering with reaction... not a pretty sight.

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