Season 2 premiere date, and a new trailer!

It's official!! OUTLANDER Season 2 will premiere on STARZ on Saturday, April 9, 2016, at 9pm ET/PT.

Australia and Canada will show the premiere on April 10. I have no information about other countries at this time.

Here's the latest Season 2 trailer from STARZ. I think it's terrific!


♥Susanlynn said...

Thank you, Karen. That trailer is stunning. It looks as though many elements of the book will be shown . By the way, there has been a slow motion trailer on YouTube for many months . It was the first one that I ever saw and features BJR, Fergus, Boutoin, and Mother Hildegard among others. There is no dialogue, just music.

Leeann said...

If you click on the settings cog (bottom of screen, to the left of the full screen icon) You can change the speed to .25 then you can watch in slow motion and see everything.

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