OUTLANDER Season 2 episode titles

Here is the complete list of OUTLANDER Season 2 episode titles:

Episode 201: "Through a Glass, Darkly" (premieres April 9, 2016)
Episode 202: "Not in Scotland Anymore" (premieres April 16, 2016)
Episode 203: "Useful Occupations and Deceptions" (premieres April 23, 2016)
Episode 204: "La Dame Blanche" (premieres April 30, 2016)
Episode 205: "Untimely Resurrection" (premieres May 7, 2016)
Episode 206: "Best Laid Schemes..." (premieres May 14, 2016)
Episode 207: "Faith" (premieres May 21, 2016)
Episode 208: "The Fox's Lair"
Episode 209: "Je Suis Prest"
Episode 210: "Prestonpans"
Episode 211: "Vengeance is Mine" (This is the episode Diana Gabaldon wrote)
Episode 212: "The Hail Mary"
Episode 213: "Dragonfly in Amber"

Those of you who are familiar with Diana Gabaldon's novel DRAGONFLY IN AMBER (Book 2 of the OUTLANDER series) can probably guess the content of most of these episodes by the titles. Hint: stock up on tissues for Episode 207!


♥Susanlynn said...

Thanks, Karen. The titles are catchy . I am dreading episode #207. It was horrible to read about the events of that chapter, but seeing it played out on my TV screen will be gutwrenching. I guess it is time to buy some Drambuie to get me through the angst and tragedy of season two. Sigh.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Karen. I've just finished "Dragonfly in Amber" for the 4th (5th?) time and wondered what would be left out in the adaptation. There's so much content in that book they couldn't possibly get it all in 13 episodes.

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , have read the book from front to back so I know what I will be seeing , the scenes I'll be squirming through will be the contfrontation with BJR again , the episode in which Claire , loses her baby & the final in which Jamie sends Claire back through the stone to her time , but will be looking forward to seeing the costuming & locations, Hope March goes fast, please post more soon, love your Blog. Sincerely Mary Tormey.

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