What scenes are you most looking forward to in Season 3?

The OUTLANDER cast and crew wrapped up filming in Scotland this week. Now they head to South Africa, to film the remaining episodes of Season 3.

While we wait, I thought it might be fun to talk about the scenes from VOYAGER that we're most looking forward to seeing brought to life on TV in Season 3.


If you haven't yet read VOYAGER by Diana Gabaldon (Book 3 of the OUTLANDER series), there are Major Spoilers below!  Read at your own risk.









My personal list includes:
  • The reunion! (Of course)
  • Turtle soup
  • The "Daddy" scene and Jamie and Claire's big argument afterward
  • Claire's terrible, horrible, very bad day home alone with baby Bree
  • Claire and Frank's fight on the night Frank died
What about the rest of you?  Which scenes are you most looking forward to, and why?


Anonymous said...

Pretty much the same, although it is not actually the turtle soup that I am interested in, its the aftermath that I would like to see. I am also really looking forward to them seeing Geillis again.

Anonymous said...

Of course the reunion but meeting Gaellis again brings so much together. Life aboard ships should be entertaining, as well. =)

Unknown said...

Fergus & Marsali's wedding, performed by Fr. Fogden. I love that scene!

Unknown said...

Those but also mostly the scene on/after the ball withe LJG. I felt sick reading about Claire's pain when learning about William and the next scene when she and Jamie talk about it and heal eachother is one of the most beautiful ever written.

Anonymous said...

Of course the obvious, but I want to see the Fergus/Marsali wedding!

Leds1 said...

Claire giving Jamie a needle - and Jamie saying that he should have let them burn her as a witch!

Vintage, Travel, and Fun said...

The reunion gets me everytime. Can not wait for that scene. Will be in high rankings with unforgettable wedding episode.

Unknown said...

The reunion.
The fight at Lallybroch when Claire finds out about Jamie being married to Loaghair.
Fergus wedding
Jamie dressed up when he meets LJG at the ball.

Viviana said...

Love the scenes you picked! And I'll add
1. Jamie in the cave and Ardsmuir
2. Mme Jeanne's as part of the reunion (not only the print shop...). There can be some funny scenes there! Eg Young Ian!
2. Lallybroch's comeback (Jenny, Laoghaire)
3. Fergus & Marsali wedding
4. Governor's party in Jamaica LJG+ Jamie + Claire and ....
5. Meeting Geillis again

Anonymous said...

I share eager anticipation with the above list(s) of anticipated scenes.
For a sneak peak . . .there are fan photos available online which were taken on the 6th of February which appear to show Cait and Sam prepping to shoot the scenes in the Governor's party in Jamaica seen here: http://i.imgur.com/vij1EHh.jpg
Notice Sam's hair is pinned down preparing for a wig and he is wearing a rather fancy vest. Cait also has her hair done up with what appears to be a tropical flower.

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , I'm looking forward to seeing the cave scenes with Jamie , him meeting Lord John Grey for the first time , his and Claire's reunion in Edinburgh , meting Young Ian , seeing an older Fergus , the Lallybroch scenes will be both fun and san , then the Jamacian scenes and the Ball Room scenes in which Claire learns about Willy and more of Jamie's past plus the showdown with Gellis Duncan , plus the settings and costuming , having re-read "Voyager' and knowing that there will be a lot of scenes that I won't like these are the ones I will like and will be watching season 3 for , please post more soon. Happy Weekend Sincerely .

Denise Hewson said...

All of the above plus the heartbreaking scene of Fergus meeting the English soldiers that results in him losing his hand.

Susanlynn said...

I am especially looking forward to seeing the reunion in the print shop and the scene at the brothel. I also want to see the Daddy scene and what follows. I want and do not want to see the scenes with Jamie and Mary in the cave and with Geneva...ouch....those may be painful. Of course Turtle soup will be interesting as will Claire meeting LJG aboard ship and her observing Jamie with LBJ .

I was surprised to see Nell Hudson (Laoghaire) in Victoria on PBS. It is a fairly important role.

Susanlynn said...

I am anxious for season 3. I look forward to seeing the reunion at the print shop and the following scene at the brothel. I also cannot wait to see the Daddy scene play out on screen...yikes. I am curious to see Claire meeting LJG aboard ship and later seeing his meeting with Jamie. I want\dont want to see Jamie with Mary and Geneva. Those two scenes will be hard to watch.

P.s. Nell Hudson (Laoghaire) is in Victoria on PBS.

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