Season 3 episode titles

Here is the full list of episode titles for OUTLANDER Season 3, courtesy of OUTLANDER TV News.

Episode 301 (September 10, 2017) – “The Battle Joined”
Episode 302 (September 17, 2017) – “Surrender”
Episode 303 (September 24, 2017) – “All Debts Paid”
Episode 304 (October 1, 2017) – “Of Lost Things”
Episode 305 (October 8, 2017) – “Freedom & Whisky”
Episode 306 (October 22, 2017) – “A. Malcolm”
Episode 307 (October 29, 2017) – “Crème De Menthe”
Episode 308 (November 5, 2017) – “First Wife”
Episode 309 (November 12, 2017) – “The Doldrums”
Episode 310 (November 19, 2017) – “Heaven & Earth”
Episode 311 (November 26, 2017) – “Turtle Soup”
Episode 312 (December 3, 2017) – “The Bakra”
Episode 313 (December 10, 2017) – “A New World”

Please note, there is a one-week break between Episodes 305 and 306 (probably to build up anticipation for Jamie and Claire's reunion!)


kkilgrow said...

Thank you for posting the episode titles. It will be interesting how the series presents Episode 307 (Crème de Menthe) and Episode 313 (A New World).

Judy Lowstuter said...

Thanks Karen!

Susanlynn said...

Wheee...a little more information as to how the Voyager tale will be told in the TV series. I cannot wait to see the story play out visually.

Unknown said...

How can I see this series if I don't have the network it comes on

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen I see they are spacing episodes out a bit to make the season longer , that's a smart thing to do just in case people can't see the episodes when they air originally the network will repeat it , I see the reunion will be in mid -October , around my birthday , will be watching it on vacation so will e watching Jamie & Claire 's reunion away from home , and the rest goes into the Holidays , wil try to watch as much as possible , am so ready for season 3 am watching season 2 in the mean time , please post more soon. Happy weekend. Sincerely.

Marcie said...

The week they skip mid Oct is the one week I am going to be at a Smoky Mt cabin with sketchy internet. Good timing for me! Ok be home to see it and he next week.

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