December poll results

Here are the results of the December poll, which asked the question, "What is your favorite gift from the OUTLANDER books?"

There were 1259 responses to this month's poll. Thanks very much to everyone who participated.
  • 22.56% - Fergus's last name
  • 18.27% - Claire's silver wedding ring
  • 16.04% - The pearl necklace Jamie gave Claire on their wedding day.
  • 10.33% - Adso the kitten
  • 9.85% - The medicine box Jamie gave Claire for their anniversary
  • 6.35% - Brianna's photos
  • 5.64% - The poison ivy bouquet
  • 3.26% - The cherrywood snake Jamie's brother made for him
  • 2.78% - The vrooms Roger made for the children
  • 2.54% - The rosary Jamie gave Willie as a farewell gift
  • 0.48% - The dachshund puppy Stephan von Namtzen gave Lord John.
  • 1.91% - Other

I was surprised to see that so many people chose "Fergus's last name", but I'm sure that was influenced by Sam Heughan and César Domboy's portrayal of that bit in OUTLANDER Episode 311, "Uncharted", which was just as I'd always imagined from the book.

Here are the responses for "Other":
  • all of the above, with the attending circumstances This is the perfect list .
  • all of them
  • How could I choose from this list of wonderful gifts all given with love.
  • All of the above? You betcha!
  • All those are good, but the initials are best
  • All of the above.
  • Brianna's silver bracelet: Je t'aime ...
  • hand fitting knife in Breath Snow
  • The buffalo robe
  • black coral and pearl necklace
  • All of the Above
  • Dragonfly
  • When Jamie touches Greys face -total gift of words
  • The protection if his clan and HIS BODY
  • It's so hard to pick just one!!!
  • The J and C they carved in each other's hands
  • LOVE
  • Fergus's last name, especially after episode 311, but also love the poison ivy
  • Brian Frasers ring Jamie gave to Claire
  • How can I choose? These are all great gifts!
  • ALL but the puppy!!!
  • All of the above
  • Because my husband brings me wildflowers too
  • The boars tusk bracelets

Please take a moment to vote in the January poll, which asks the question, "Have you ever been to Scotland?"

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Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen Jamie was such a wonderful caring person and gave Calire many thoughtful gifts over the years that it was hard to choose but I think the ones that meant the most to Claire were the pearl necklace and the silver ring he gave her when they were first wed and then Adso the kitten was sweet and Jamie giving Fergus his last name , so I choose those , Happy New Year to you and may 2108 be the best year for you and all Outlander fans , will be watching season 4 in 2018 . hope you so too . please post more soon. Sincerely .

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