What would you ask Diana, if you could?

So this happened today, on TheLitForum.com, which is the new online home of the former Compuserve Books and Writers Community....

Diana Gabaldon was talking about the questions she's been asked by interviewers over the years, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to mention something I've been thinking about for a long time: I'd love to interview her myself some day. And I was thrilled to see this response from Diana. (Click on the image for a bigger view.)

message from Diana Gabaldon

Wow! "Extremely Perceptive and articulate" is high praise indeed, coming from Diana, and the sort of comment I'll treasure for a long time.

So, clearly she'd be happy to answer any questions I can come up with, within reason. <g> As for what to ask...? That's the hard part, and I plan to spend some time thinking about it. I have a few ideas, but I'm not going to share them ahead of time.

Instead, I thought I'd ask the rest of you: What would you like to ask Diana Gabaldon, if you could?


Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen one I would ask is what was the hardest book to write and how has writing the books have changed , back when Outlander came out there were Typewriters and Card Catalogs and research books available , now everything is dignal so I would ask how has writing the books changed since writing the first book in the 90s . please post more soon. sincerely . Happy Weekend.

Unknown said...

Wow, that is fantastic, Karen! Thanks for asking us! If I had a chance to interview Diana, I would ask her a couple of questions---
- "What traditional Scottish foods have you eaten, and loved, or disliked?"
- "How have your personal spiritual life practices, or, religious beliefs, impacted your books and your stories?"

Unknown said...

A question that herself could answer without giving anything away about Bees is this: How many fans have asked if we get to see Minnie (aka Duchess of Pardloe) in the colonies in book 9?

kkilgrow said...

Hi Karen,
My questions to the Diana Gabaldon would be the following:

1. DG is a very gracious individual. Outlander has been her creation for many years. As the author of the very popular Outlander books that are now a widely liked Starz television series, which one has been her biggest challenge and why?

2. What was her reason for the lack of writing the scene between Jamie and BJ after the death of Alex? Throughout the book all Jamie wanted was to kill him for Black Jack's mayhem at the prisons. Why did she feel this evil man even needed help to return to his abode. Why did Jamie mellow at that moment to find the inner strength to escort his enemy? The author just let them fade into the sunset without painting us a picture of the two at this emotional time. Will we ever know what was said between Jamie and this demon when Jamie walked him back to his residence after his brother's death? The void of DG's words at this time in the book has left many questions. I would like her to explain her vision of this scene which she set up only to let it dangle in the readers minds. Why did she do it that way?

KMC said...

How does Diana decide how to end each book in the series. And, why will it be 10 books, why not more.

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