Season 5 Casting: Adso!

We have our "wee cheetie" at last!! Here's Adso!

The photo above is the official one from STARZ.
“Here’s your wee ratten, Sassenach,” he said, and gently deposited a ball of gray fur on the coverlet. Huge eyes of a pale celadon green stared up at me, unblinking.

“Well, goodness,” I said. “Wherever did you come from?” I extended a finger, very slowly. The kitten didn’t move. I touched the edge of a tiny gray-silk jaw, and the big green eyes disappeared, going to slits as it rubbed against my finger. A surprisingly deep purr rumbled through its miniature frame.

That,” Jamie said, with immense satisfaction, “is the present I meant to give ye, Sassenach. He’ll keep the vermin from your surgery.”

“Well, possibly very small vermin,” I said, examining my new present dubiously. “I think a large cockroach could carry him--is it a him?--off to its lair, let alone a mouse.”

“He’ll grow,” Jamie assured me. “Look at his feet.”

He--yes, it was a he--had rolled onto his back and was doing an imitation of a dead bug, paws in the air. Each paw was roughly the size of a broad copper penny, small enough by themselves, but enormous by contrast with the tiny body. I touched the minuscule pads, an immaculate pink in their thicket of soft gray fur, and the kitten writhed in ecstasy.

(From THE FIERY CROSS by Diana Gabaldon, chapter 18, "No Place Like Home". Copyright© 2001 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.)
Welcome, Adso!!


Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , very cute , love cats and have two and they are both female and they sleep on my bed at night and one of them looks like Adso , can't wait to see him in season 5 , seeing Jamie give Claire Adso is one of the sweetiest parts of 'The Fiery Cross ' please post more soon. Happy Week. Sincerely . said...

The Fiery Cross Ch. 18 (No Place Like Home) ... Jamie returns to the Ridge from the Gathering separately from the rest of the Fraser party. This is when he finds Adso. He captures the kitten using the same technique he uses to catch trout (remember when he teaches this technique to Claire in OL) -- I completely missed this the first two times through TFC. It really shows Jamie's sensitivity to other living things and the gentle side of his nature.

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