January poll results

Here are the results of the January poll, which asked the question, "Have you ever been to Scotland?"
  • 32.25% - No, but I'd love to visit there some day!
  • 19.07% - I visited Scotland long before I knew Diana Gabaldon's books existed.
  • 11.16% - Yes, I've been there more than once.
  • 8.52% - I visited Scotland after I discovered the OUTLANDER books.
  • 5.07% - I'd like to visit, but I can't travel due to age or health reasons.
  • 4.46% - I visited Scotland as a result of seeing, or hearing about, the OUTLANDER TV series.
  • 3.85% - No, but I'd like to see some of the locations shown in the OUTLANDER TV series.
  • 3.45% - I'm making plans to go to Scotland in 2020.
  • 2.84% - I went on an OUTLANDER-themed tour of Scotland.
  • 2.43% - I've lived in Scotland all or part of my life.
  • 1.22% - No, it's too far away and/or I can't afford it.
  • 0.81% - No, I like reading about Scotland or seeing it on TV, but I don't have any desire to go there myself.
  • 4.87% - Other
There were 493 responses to this month's poll. Thanks very much to everyone who participated! Please take a moment to vote in the February poll, which asks, "Would you go through the stones, if you could?"

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Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , yes would love to go to Scotland someday , especially on an OUtlander tour . am so read for season 5 , have the new Complete Outlander Guide Magazine that just came out and it will be a great reading companion during season 5 , also have read 'The Fiery Cross ' and so am all caught up so am so glad Droughtlander will finally end . very exciting . please post more soon. Happy Weekend. Loving Outlander.

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