Reading Diana Gabaldon's books and stories in chronological order

Here's a great resource for anyone who wants to know how to read all of the books and stories in the OUTLANDER universe in chronological order.

Town and Country magazine has just posted a slideshow showing exactly where all of Diana Gabaldon's books and stories (including the Lord John stories and various novellas and shorter pieces) fit in chronological order.

This appears to be basically the same list that appears in the Chronology on Diana Gabaldon's website, but I think the addition of the cover art for each book or story makes it easier for people to keep them all straight.

Nitpickers might observe that the list is missing two items: "Past Prologue", a short story written by Diana Gabaldon and Steve Berry that was first published in 2017 (highly recommended!) and the graphic novel, THE EXILE, that was published in 2010.  But I'm not inclined to quibble.  I think they did a good job with this slideshow, and I hope readers find it helpful.


Anonymous said...

What about 7 Stones to stand or fall??

Karen Henry said...

SEVEN STONES TO STAND OR FALL is a colection of 7 novellas and short stories in the OUTLANDER universe. If you look through the slideshow I linked to from Town and Country, or the Chronology on Diana Gabaldon's website, you'll see that all seven stories are listed individually, in chronological order, starting with "Virgins", which takes place in 1740, before Jamie met Claire.

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