Season 6 opening credit sequence!

season 6 key art

STARZ has released the opening credit sequence for Season 6!

I think it looks great, and I like the arrangement of the song much better than what they did for Season 5.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the season to start. Love this opening arraignment.

Unknown said...

Not a fan of this opening arrangement

Unknown said...

Who are the vocalist?

RanchoFiestaVC said...

Raya Yarborough is still the female singer, idk who the male is -Bear??
Did you notice that the lyrics are now "lad", instead of "lass"???

Unknown said...

@RanchoFiestaVC the lyrics change back to lass after the, well, lass joins in singing. At least according to captioning.

Bear McCreary does the arrangement of the theme (as well as a slew of other compositions). I am not aware if he typically sings some of his compositions that make it to air.

I wasnt a fan of this version when it started but when the lass joined in I liked it much more. I expect that we will see Claire and Jamie as much more of a team this season and less of the silly fights given how last season went and ended.

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