Gifties from Diana!

Diana Gabaldon sent me some gifties!

A bottle of Sam Heughan's Sassenach whisky! I've heard a lot about this, but I've never seen it until now. The bottle is gorgeous, and I look forward to having a wee dram this evening.

And an assortment of dates from the Sphinx Date Co. in Arizona, near where she lives. These look yummy and I'm sure I'll enjoy them!

Combined with the copy of BEES that Diana sent me for my birthday, with this wonderful inscription ("For Karen, a good friend & the HUGEST help ever!!! Thank you so much for all your comments! Love, Diana"), I really could not be happier right now, as we prepare to close out 2021.

Huge thanks to Diana for all of these gifts!!


Janet said...

What a blessing Karen!! How exciting for you, and well deserved. Enjoy!

Lone Star said...

Well deserved, lass!

Christiane said...

AWW !!! That's so kind of Diana ! Well deserved, Karen ! Enjoy !

Elise Skidmore said...

Diana is a wonderful, caring person, and it doesn't surprise me at all that she'd send you such a thoughtful gift. You do so much, so well.

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