Season 7 filming has begun!

Jamie Claire Roger and Bree

STARZ announced yesterday that OUTLANDER Season 7 filming is underway! They released a new photo of Jamie, Claire, Roger, and Bree to mark the occasion.

As you may know, Season 7 will be 16 episodes long. It will include four episodes that were originally intended to be in Season 6. The rest of Season 7 will cover AN ECHO IN THE BONE, the seventh book in Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER series.

Keeping in mind that it usually takes about 9-10 months to film a 12 or 13-episode season, it will most likely take them a year or more to finish filming Season 7. 

We do not yet know if there will be a Season 8. As soon as I hear anything definite about that, I will post here.

That's all the information I have at this time. Check back later for more updates as we learn more.

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