A thank you from Diana!

As some of you may know, Diana Gabaldon gave me the title of "Chief Bumblebee-Herder" in the Acknowledgements of one of her books a few years ago. I love the imagery, which is a very apt description of what I do in my role as moderator of the Diana Gabaldon section of TheLitForum.com (formerly the Compuserve Books and Writers Community), which is the online forum where Diana hangs out.

The past six months on the forum, since the publication of GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE, have been the busiest period on the forum in quite a long time, and it's been a real challenge for me at times to keep up with all the posts, both for the BEES discussions and, in recent weeks, the Season 6 discussions.

Diana Gabaldon's comment on the forum this morning totally made my day! It means so much to me that she appreciates how much time and effort I put into managing the discussions on the forum on a daily basis, especially during what I call "thread explosions", aka the huge burst of activity in the period right after a new book is released or while a new season of the OUTLANDER TV series is in progress. It's pretty exhausting, and I'm definitely in need of a break!

I encourage all of you to come and check out TheLitForum. We're always happy to talk about anything OUTLANDER-related, books or show! Diana is on the forum most days, except while traveling, and she participates in the discussions as time permits. Be sure to check out the other sections of the forum, too. It's a great resource for writers and aspiring writers. You have to sign up to read or post on the forum, but it's free.


Kathy in PA said...

So well deserved, Karen!! It must feel great to know how much your efforts mean to Diana. You are my Outlander Encyclopedia. I go to you for reference, trying to find a quote, checking what’s happening with our Fraser - McKenzie - Murray -Grey families in your month by month events calendars. I even used a picture of a beehive from your site for my Ladies of Lallybroch Christmas ornament one year. Bravo ❤️

Jill said...

That is awesome. Clearly you're doing things right.

emma said...

diana should pay you, because your experience and knowledge can't be free. She has the option to do so but chooses to believe that all of this is a hobby to you. it's wrong.
You are worth much more. Love yourself

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