Outlandish Observations on Mastodon!

Like so many other people in recent days, I am exploring Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter. I just set up my account today.

You can follow me at https://mstdn.social/@karenh3a.

I plan to post links to my future blog posts, as well as any OUTLANDER-related news, on Mastodon just as I have done on Twitter for years. Come and join me!

Please note, I can't help with questions about setting up your account or how to use Mastodon. I'm only just beginning to use it myself! Mastodon's "quick start" page is here. I also found this beginner's guide helpful.

I am seriously considering leaving Twitter, but I haven't made a final decision yet. If I do close down my Twitter account, I will post here and let you all know.


vivian said...

Karen, I saw a recommendation that you NOT close your Twitter account but to simply quick using it. That way no one can get your "handle" and use it. I don't know how accurate all of this is but my younger son who is a network engineer manager for a cloud company nodded and said he agreed. He is an active twitter user.

vivian said...

I will follow you. Here is my address should you wish to follow me back. @Babicka@mastodon.scot

Karen Henry said...

Vivian - I see you there, thanks! And thank you for the tip. I have at least changed the password on my Twitter account so it will be safer from hackers. I haven't stopped tweeting, but I'm watching closely to see how the situation develops.


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