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We got some unexpected news about OUTLANDER Season 8 from Maril Davis in a TV Guide interview published yesterday.

Davis also confirms the eighth and final season will focus almost exclusively on Gabaldon's ninth and newest book, "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone."

"Season 8 will be all Book 9 pretty much," she says. "We might bring in some stuff that we didn't do in Books 7 and 8. But it will mostly be us doing Book 9."

Wow. I didn't expect that at all, but to be honest, I'm feeling pretty calm about it. Not indifferent, but open-minded, willing to give them a chance, see what they come up with. What choice do we have, after all? This is the direction they've chosen to go, and at least this way we will see BEES on screen.

What do the rest of you think about this development?


Mary W said...

I am not sure how I feel about this - I made peace with the fact that the series would likely end with "Halloo The House" and that it would be a fantastic ending to the TV series. Love the show for what it is; I am certain DG will not allow an ending that wouldn't fit well. BEES was great so I am cautiously excited to see what they do.

Linda in Nevada said...

Since there will only be 10 episodes in S8, they're going to be leaving a lot out. ECHO, MOBY & BEES are all jam-packed with so much going on. I hope they don't sacrifice quality for quantity.

Historical Drama Lover, DW said...

Indeed, all good things must come to closure. As a dedicated follower of this Outlander journey...from book-to-television has BEEn a GIFT for all of us. I can choose to re-watch OUTLANDER at my leisure, since I have all DVDs of the series, including "bloopers." There are too many talented screenwriters out there waiting to amaze us with great novels to be made for television with an historical thread. Anticipation is a lovely thing, eh?

Anonymous said...

Not in love with this as Bees has been my least favorite book of entire series of books. Ending with Hallo the House always seemed the most likely and fitting to the tv series.

Luci said...

I had hopes Diana would finish the last book by the time they started shooting season 8. The perfect situation would be season 7 being about books 7 and 8, then season 8 being books 9 and 10.

Maggs94 said...

Fingers crossed that the last book may be finished by the time they start filming season 8. If not I would have rather the end the story the way book 8 ended. Book 9 ends on a cliffhanger, I hope they wouldn’t do that to viewers.

Vicar's Wife said...

From what I've seen this last week they are all very open to coming back either for a movie or another season somewhere down the road. Sam & Cait will be older which works well for the story. I don't believe Jamie will die. They need Sam & Cait together. Jamie and Claire are IT

I love Bees! I've read it three times. It turns the story around in that we now are seeing them at the micro level with small intimate moments rather than the macro sweeping level, though there is still plenty of action. It's a set up for the end of the story, I think. I'm glad they're going to bring it to life for the last season. I don't know how they'll adjust the ending but no doubt they'll find a way.

I adore the books. But it's a different world now than when Diana began writing. I also understand that a tv show is a completely different animal on a number of levels. I'm pleased with what the writers have done, even controversial S6. I think they take their responsibilities to the viewing audience as seriously as they take DG's books. They try to balance the two though they skew more toward's the books whenever they can. Rightly so.

As for S6, seeing images in front of you rather than in your mind can be more brutal than your mind will let you imagine. What Claire experienced (yes, they ramped it up) cost her. She's human. Even in the books she struggled with the memory of the man that violated her. I don't know why the writers chose to make it a gang rape. But in doing so they had a vehicle to make Claire more accessible. For us to see her frailties. And to see her overcome. That is a hopeful message in a violent world.

I want Diana to take her time on book 10. She owe's the readers her best without having some internal deadline. All this to say that I'm ready with an open mind for what they bring us. I know they will do their best to give the Frasers a proper send off - for now.

Anonymous said...

I predict that Book 10 will be out before Season 8 premieres and they incorporate it in the last season. I’m sure everyone wants to tell the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Interesting.. IMO BEES was such a disappointment, did not feel like the same person that wrote the beginning of this series wrote this book so it will be interesting to see what the show does with a book that nothing happens in it for 500 pages.

I am more concern the show is going to finish the series with some made up ending … king of like GOT.

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