Prequel to begin filming in January!

OUTLANDER Blood of My Blood logo

According to this article, filming on the upcoming OUTLANDER prequel, BLOOD OF MY BLOOD, a new STARZ series which will tell the story of Jamie Fraser's parents, is scheduled to begin in January.

The season will be 10 episodes long and is expected to premiere in 2025. We still have no information on casting, but I'll post here as soon as I hear anything!


Linda in Nevada said...

So this will be aired before S8 of Outlander?

Karen Henry said...

We don't know yet. I have been wondering if they plan to air Season 8 and BLOOD OF MY BLOOD back to back, in consecutive time slots, on STARZ, as a way to give the new show a boost. They are both going to be 10 episodes long, so it's plausible, but I'm only guessing.


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