June poll results

Here are the results of the June poll:

Do you read excerpts or #DailyLines from Diana Gabaldon's upcoming books?
  • 56.30% - Absolutely! I will gladly devour any excerpt or #DailyLine I can find.
  • 14.91% - No, I would rather wait and see those bits of the story in their proper context, when the book comes out.
  • 5.14% - No, I am trying hard to avoid the excerpts and #DailyLines.
  • 5.04% - I'm addicted to the #DailyLines!
  • 4.73% - I used to read them, but I don't anymore.
  • 4.73% - I read the #DailyLines on Facebook and/or Twitter, but not the longer excerpts.
  • 3.15% - I have stopped reading excerpts from WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD.
  • 1.89% - I read excerpts, but only for certain books or stories.
  • 1.58% - What excerpts? Where can I find them?
  • 1.16% - What are #DailyLines?
  • 1.37% - Other
Here are the results for Other:
  • haha, I read the books so many times, no "spoilers" possible!
  • sometimes I have to peek
  • had I but known would be 1st choice & now will be!
  • Never have.
  • Sometimes, depends on if in a hurry or not & only on Facebook.
  • I read them but do so by peeking through my fingers so it doesn't count. <g>
  • i do read them but since i am from germany i ofthen finde them quite confusing
  • read any/all Daily lines ond/or ecerpts Diana provide. They keep mr going.
  • occasionally I read them all.
  • Try hard to resist, but "resistance is futile"
  • I try not to now, but somedays it's hard to resist!
  • I read them sometimes....with no rhyme or reason.
  • Sometimes I do but I prefer not to
There were 952 votes in this poll.  Thanks very much to everyone who participated!  I didn't vote in the poll myself, but I have been an excerpt-avoider since the beginning of 2008.  I think it's fascinating that different people have different levels of tolerance for reading excerpts.  Even though I don't read them myself, I certainly don't mind if others do! <g>

Please take a moment to vote in the July poll, which is all about the upcoming OUTLANDER TV series on STARZ.  Thanks! (If you don't see the poll at the top right side of the page, go here.)

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