Brianna's bracelet is now available!

I just saw this announcement from M&M on the Ladies of Lallybroch site, and wanted to pass it on: Brianna's bracelet is now available for sale!

Okay, here's the scoop in a nutshell. :-)

When I went to visit the Claire's Ring jewelers before Fergus last year, he gave me a really cool Claire's cuff bracelet made from the design of the Claire's ring. I then asked if he could make one for the others that it wouldn't of happened w/o them...DG, Janice, DG's elf Susan, and Elaine (not of the boards) who put the design together.

While chatting I would be really great if someone made jewelry for really popular books, or just great fiction, that nobody does anything for people that love to read. He basically said if I designed some things, they would come up with some stuff too, and I could make a website for it all.

So the next time I saw Diana (at a book signing in Chicago) I asked her if we could sell "Brianna's Bracelet", the cuff, some other neat things, and other things from the books, she graciously said, yes. After many designs, molds were made, samples made, photographed, an online store was born. Brianna's bracelet is there, among other Outlandish treasures, and so far some Jane Austen, Anya Seton, and Charlotte Bronte.

You can see the bracelet (along with other OUTLANDER-themed jewelry) and the ordering information here.

Please pass this link on to anyone you think might be interested! And thanks very much to Michelle/M&M at LOL for making this happen for us.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to the site selling these bracelets, or Claire's ring, or anything else you may find there. So if you have questions about the jewelry, click on the Contact Us link on the site I linked to above, and ask your questions there. Or ask on the LOL site.

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