Diana's comments on the graphic novel

Someone on Compuserve asked about the release date for the OUTLANDER graphic novel, and here is Diana's response:

As for the release date...originally, the two editorial entities doing ECHO and the GN were--while still both within Random House--in separate publishing "groups," meaning separate administration, editorial, marketing, publicity, etc. Ergo, hard to get them to coordinate.

Two things have changed, though; 1) owing to the recent publishing meltdown, Ballantine (GN) and Bantam-Dell (ECHO) are now in the _same_ publishing group (same marketing and publicity), and 2) the artist, while doing fabulous work, is only up to page 65 (of 192); there's no way the book would be ready for release in summer of 2009.

Now, the eventual pub date does still depend on the artist's progress--the Ballantine editor put on the Random House website that she was expecting to release the book in spring of 2010, but I'm hoping that might change back to fall of 2009, IF the artwork is done in time. But I, of course, have no control over that.

I am actually rather glad that they are not trying to rush the project. I'd rather wait a bit longer for quality artwork than have them rush to meet an arbitrary deadline and have the pictures be less than outstanding. (And besides, we'll have ECHO in our hands next fall, regardless of what happens with the GN. <g>) But that's just my own personal opinion. What about the rest of you?


Jenny Meyer Graman said...

Hey Karen,
This is my first visit to your blog. Very nice! I love all the information about Diana's books, and your shelfari shelf at the bottom.

You've been bookwormed, here: http://thewritersroad.blogspot.com/. Come play with us!

Karen Henry said...

Hi Jenny!

Good to see you over here! <g> I'm glad you like my blog. It's only been active since September, so I'm always happy to see new people visiting.

I stole the idea for the Shelfari thing from Jo Bourne's new web site, by the way. I'd never heard of Shelfari before I saw her site.

Funny story about that: A week or so after I set up my own Shelfari account, someone contacted me privately via that site to ask whether I would recommend the OUTLANDER books (!).

Wow, I thought. If you only knew how much those books have changed my life. And how they led me to Compuserve in the first place. And how many wonderful friends I've made as a result. Not to mention the fact that, oh, by the way, did you know I've been Section Leader in Diana's section of the forum since September? <g>

Naturally I said none of this to the person who'd asked the question. Would I recommend the series?! I wrote back, "Yes, absolutely, I would ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend the books!" and left it at that. <g>


Techman28 said...

I am new here and new to any sort of Outlander blog sites. I love the Outlander books and also the Starz series, which actually introduced me to the books. There is something I find very puzzling from Outlander.. when Claire is looking for Jamie just before Wentworth, she comes to Dougal in the cave and he gives her a message from Geillis Duncan - I think it is possible and 1967 (when she came through the stones) But in Dragonfly in Amber Geillis (Gillian Edgers) went through in 1968 which is when Claire brings Brianna to Scotland. Is it just a simple oversight by publishers? I can’t believe Diana would make such a mistake.

Also in Dragonfly there is mention of chickadees, these are not found in the UK, they are American birds.

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