Less than 90 days to go!

Updated Countdown Clock

With less than 90 days left before the publication of AN ECHO IN THE BONE on September 22, I have updated my countdown clock with a new graphic and a more accurate counter. I was rather chagrined to discover that the counter I had been using was off by a whole day (oops!) I hope you like the new background image. <g>

Final Frenzy Update

Diana is EXTREMELY hard at work this week, as she's now in a stage of the Final Frenzy where she's hardly pausing in the writing long enough to eat or sleep (and she says she's not kidding about that!) I thought this comment of hers on Compuserve yesterday was interesting:

EVERYTHING about the book is now in my head, and a whole lot of it is on the page in fragmentary form (scenes, half-scenes, imagery lines, etc.). So now when I look at a page (or a section), it's like looking at a jigsaw puzzle with 20% of the pieces missing--I can see the picture, and I _know_ what's missing. Describing those missing pieces in clear prose is just craft, and pretty basic craft at that.
I am frankly amazed that she takes the time to reply to comments and questions on Compuserve even during this incredibly busy time. Still, if you have a question for Diana that requires a detailed or thoughtful answer, you might be better off waiting until the book is done (soon, we hope!) before asking her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen -

Thanks for posting this. I didn't see it in Diana'a section. Is it one of the other sections or did I just skim over it?


P.S. I know nothing about blogs. What are all the different profile types and how do I know which one to select? I just used anonymous for now.

Karen Henry said...

I think I saw it in the "Writing Marathon" thread in the Research & Craft section of the Compuserve forum.

And it doesn't matter which profile option you choose when you post a comment here. The only thing to keep in mind is, if you sign in as Anonymous, obviously I have no way to know who you are unless you sign your name. <g>


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