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Another Song from "OUTLANDER: The Musical"

If you enjoyed the brief song samples from the "OUTLANDER: The Musical" CD, you may be interested to know that another full-length song from that CD, "I am Ready", is available for download from the web site of Allan Scott-Douglas (who sings the part of Jamie in the musical).

I like this song quite a bit. The Scottish accent, especially. <g> Click here to listen to it.

If you are thinking that it's weird to hear Jamie singing -- given that we know he is tone-deaf and can't sing -- you're not alone. Diana's response on her blog yesterday to someone who made a similar comment was interesting, and worth reading.

UPDATE 7/28/2010 3:41 pm: Diana has posted some additional information on her blog about this Saturday's performance of the songs from "OUTLANDER: The Musical" in Aberdeen, Scotland.

"The Space Between"

And speaking of Diana's blog....she posted a new excerpt there yesterday from a story she's been working on:
This is from a short story (well, all right, it's 25,000 words, but still...) I've just done for an anthology. The story was originally called "Terror Daemonium" and is the story of what happened to Michael Murray (the middle brother, between Young Jamie and Young Ian, Janet's twin) and to Joan MacKimmie (Laoghaire's younger daughter; Marsali's sister) when they went to France at the end of AN ECHO IN THE BONE. I later changed the name to "The Space Between", but it'll be up to the anthology editor as to which title he prefers.
Please keep in mind that I don't read excerpts! If you'd like to discuss this story, there's a thread on Compuserve here. Thanks.

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Unknown said...

Hi Karen,

I FINALLY figured out why I didn't see your post about voting for Diana some days ago. My computer, for reasons I don't get, always opens up on July 28th...and having just in the past 3 weeks discovered OO, I wasn't canny enough to know to look at the dates on the left to see more recent stuff...(duh!)

Anyway, I am up to speed, and LOVE your website & your insightful comments.

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