What do YOU want to see in THE EXILE?

Six more days until THE EXILE comes out! While we wait, I thought it might be fun to talk about what we're looking forward to seeing the most.

It could be a picture -- for example, the infamous picture of Jamie's Butt <g> that Diana referred to in her latest blog entry, which is rumored to be on page 11 of THE EXILE.

It could be the answer to a mystery. Who is the nameless girl in France that Jamie thinks about in ECHO? What happened to Claire's shoes? <g>

It could be something we already know about -- for example, the moment where Jamie and Claire come face-to-face for the first time, or the point where he falls in love with her.

For me, I'm especially looking forward to the artwork -- I know it's going to be gorgeous! -- as well as seeing how the new story in THE EXILE changes our perceptions of what we thought we already knew in OUTLANDER. That should be really interesting.

What are YOU looking forward to the most in THE EXILE?

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Anonymous said...

Pretty much everything, can't nail it down to one specific thing. I'm to excited!!!!!

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