Who is Jamie Fraser?

No, really. <g> This is a serious question. (Apologies to VanillaSeven, who asked this question in a comment on one of my recent blog posts.)

If you were talking to someone who didn't know Jamie Fraser at all, had never heard of OUTLANDER or Diana Gabaldon, how would you describe Jamie? (Let's say, in 200 words or less. <g>) I don't mean just physically, but in terms of personality and so on.

And if you can describe him without citing specific examples from the books, that's even better. (Wouldn't want to spoil anything for people who haven't read the books, I mean.)

Anybody want to give it a try?


Lolly S said...

Terrific challenge! Will have to wait until after work. This should be fun.

Anonymous said...

He's a man's man. Fierce, brave, a warrior. He's the one you want to go into battle with. He's clever and smart.

He's also a woman's man :) Seductive, loyal, protective, great sense of humor. He's tender and loving.

He's also stubborn and sexy as all get out!

Jane Clark said...

Jamie Fraser is the perfect man. In every way. Even is faults are perfect.

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