December poll results

Happy New Year! Here are the results from the December poll:

What is your favorite gift from the OUTLANDER books?

  • 35.3% - Claire's silver wedding ring
  • 16.6% - The medicine box Jamie gives Claire
  • 16.2% - Adso the kitten
  • 10.8% - The cherrywood snake Willie carved for Jamie
  • 10.0% - The poison ivy bouquet
  • 3.7% - The boar's-tusk bracelets
  • 3.7% - Hugh Munro's dragonfly in amber
  • 1.2% - Brianna's bracelet
  • 0.4% - The sapphire ring Lord John got from his first lover, Hector
  • 2.1% - Other

There were 241 votes in the poll. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

I didn't vote in the poll, but I would have gone with the plurality on this one. The scene where Jamie gives Claire the ring is one of my favorites in OUTLANDER.

The January poll is about your favorite opening line from the OUTLANDER books. (It's a new year, after all, so I thought a poll about beginnings would be appropriate. <g>) All quotes used in the poll are copyright© Diana Gabaldon, of course. Please take a moment to vote. Thanks!


Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Happy New Year Karen!

Karen Henry said...

Thanks, Julie! Hope you have a great 2011!


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