Diana's latest blog post

Diana Gabaldon's latest blog post has some interesting information on a couple of topics that have come up in recent days:
  1. Why exactly is Jamie's birthday on May 1? Is there some special significance to the fact that he was born on Beltane? (Judging from her reaction, by the way, the #HappyBdayJamie campaign was a resounding success! <g>)

  2. Why is the unabridged version of ABOSAA available on audible.com now, when the license for the abridged version doesn't expire for several more years? ("We (me and my agent) did them a deal" is the way Diana put it.)
I would encourage you to go and take a look at what she says. And if you live in Arizona, there's some information in that blog post about Diana's upcoming appearances for the month of May.


Betsy Barefootspinner said...

A co-worker handed me a tattered copy of Outlander (about a year after it came out) and said "This book is really wierd. Right up your alley." She was so right.

Anonymous said...

I had stopped in a bookstore to pick up something to read while I got my hair cut, etc. The clerk saw me staring at the stacks and asked if she could help me find something. She said that if I wanted to read a really, really good book, I should buy "Outlander" and that a second book had just come out in hardcover ("Dragonfly in Amber").

The rest is history.

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