More info on OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary edition

Diana Gabaldon's latest blog post gives some more information about the special 20th Anniversary edition of OUTLANDER, due out in the US and Canada on July 5, 2011.

There is a close-up picture on her blog of the front and back covers of the special edition, if you're interested.

Here's what Diana had to say a few months ago on Compuserve about what's going to be in it:
I think the 20th-anniversary edition will be Very Cool.   Let's addition to the text <g>, it will include (at least at last discussion) a Letter from me (not that I think _that's_ very cool, but they asked for it), and a very luxurious back-matter section, containing a) a map of the locations in OUTLANDER (a more accurate one than the one from the COMPANION), b) a timeline of historical and fictional events, c) the bibliography from the COMPANION, d) something else I forget from the COMPANION, e) an essay by me on "The Shape of Things," which is all about how I write this stuff.  Oh--and a "sampler" CD from OUTLANDER:The Musical, including three songs from the regular CD and one "bonus" song from the complete libretto that _isn't_ on the regular CD.

The whole thing to be bound not only in hardcover, but in a rather cool faux-leather binding _and_ slipcase, with a ribbon bookmarker.
Please note that Diana is not going to be doing a lengthy book-tour to promote the book when it comes out in July, just a few public appearances (check her web site here for the details).  If you won't be able to attend one of those signings but you'd like an autographed copy of the 20th Anniversary edition, you can contact the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ.  (Look here, and scroll to the bottom of the page.)

I've had very good results ordering Diana's books from the Poisoned Pen by phone (1-888-560-9919).  The staff there are friendly and very knowledgeable about Diana's books.  And Diana says they ship all over the world.

Please spread the word to anyone else you know who might be interested.  Thanks!

UPDATE 5/7/2011 6:40 am: Wondering when the books will be shipped from the Poisoned Pen?  Here is what Diana said on Compuserve on Friday:
I'll be in New York/Laramie/New York, from June 27th to July 10th, so unavailable to sign books 'til the 11th--when I'll be doing a sort of launch event <g> for the book at the Poisoned Pen.  I'll sign everything then (plus a bunch of stock for later orders) and they'll ship it out over the next couple of days.  So you should get it mid-month-ish, depending on how fast the mail/UPS is.
So, if you order from the PP, don't expect to get the book the first week it comes out.  Fairly soon thereafter, though.  (I put in my pre-order by phone on Thursday.)


Cari said...

I've never ordered an autographed copy from the Poisoned Pen before, but I might just have to do that for this book. Can't wait to hold this in my hand!

Noypi said...

Interesting... Thanks for sharing

Robyn said...

Definitely will be ordering this from the Poisoned Pen. Can't believe it's been 20 years! I started reading the series 20 years ago with the original edition!

Karen Henry said...

Robyn - Really? Wow. It's always interesting to me to hear from people who have been reading Diana's books since the beginning, because I discovered the series only 4 1/2 years ago.


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