Scottish Prisoner cover art with keys

The US cover art for Diana Gabaldon's upcoming novel THE SCOTTISH PRISONER (due out November 29, 2011, in the US, Canada, and the UK) has finally been released. (I've seen it on as well as Random House's Diana Gabaldon page, so this looks official. <g>)

So they've gone with the same picture featuring the keys that the UK cover will be using. I think this is a good decision. (Much better, IMHO, than trying to be consistent with the "eyes" on the other LJ books, which I never really liked anyway.)

Note the new title, THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, with "A Lord John Novel" in small print at the bottom.

What do you all think of this cover? All opinions, pro and con, welcome. <g>


Cari said...

I really like it! It makes me wonder what the story will have to do with snow and keys....

I agree, I've never liked the "eyes" on the LJ novels. (For one thing, I think that they make LJ look much older than he is in my head. lol)

I think that this cover design is a nice blend between the LJ novels and the OL novels. I hope that there are more LJ/Jamie stories to come! :-)

Anonymous said...

I like this cover! Now, if they would just re-do the other LJ covers... the eyes just don't do it for me!

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