Lord John Read-Along

I wanted to pass on the following announcement:

Lara at The Science of Romance will be holding a Lord John Read-Along in the weeks leading up to the November 29 release of THE SCOTTISH PRISONER.  The idea is to read all of the Lord John books and stories, in chronological order, by the time SCOTTISH PRISONER comes out.

Lara explains,
Starting on Monday, I'm going to read one per week and post my thoughts on Friday. There will be spoilers, so if you plan on reading these stories at some point, you may want to skip my reviews.

I think this is a great idea, and I'm looking forward to seeing Lara's reactions as a first-time reader of the Lord John books. I hope some of you will join in this read-along.  If you haven't yet read some or all of the Lord John books or stories, this sounds like a great opportunity. And if you have read them, but it's been a while, participating in this read-along will mean the details will be fresh in your mind when you read SCOTTISH PRISONER. <g>

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen! I hope you will stop by with some comments as well!

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