SCOTTISH PRISONER is #1 in Canada!

Diana Gabaldon announced today that THE SCOTTISH PRISONER is #1 on Canada's bestseller list! Here's what she posted on Facebook:
I am Utterly Delighted to announce that THE SCOTTISH PRISONER is now a genuine, gold-plated "#1 International Bestseller"! I.e., the Canadian publisher just let me know that SP debuts on the Globe and Mail bestseller list at....#1. Which is Totally Cool, if you ask me. <g> Thank you, les Canadiens!
Woohooo!! Congratulations again to Diana, and GO CANADA! <g>

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Deniz Bevan said...

Yippee! I hope it shows up in my local paper - I always hear of Herself being on the NYT list but for some reason it never shows on the NYT lists that our paper prints.

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