Diana Gabaldon's podcasts

Some of you may remember that Diana Gabaldon did a series of podcasts a few years ago. There are 24 podcasts in all, recorded from 2006-2008. I thought I'd post the links here, because these podcasts are quite interesting, and it's all but impossible to find them on Diana's website unless you already know they are there.

Diana has not recorded any new podcasts since 2008. As she explained on Compuserve last week,
I did them at the instigation of the US publisher, Random House, who a) asked me to do them as promo for AN ECHO IN THE BONE (hardcover and trade paperback), and b) arranged for the recordings--first in a studio in Phoenix, then over the phone with a recording engineer in New York. c) They also took care of uploading the podcasts, making them available on an RSS feed and on iTunes--none of which I was able to do on my own.

I wasn't equipped to produce more podcasts on my own, and without some pressing need, it wasn't worth my spending a lot of time or money to do so. Nowadays, I could probably do them with "Garage Band" on my Mac, but I haven't had time or urgent need to figure that out as yet.

Hope you enjoy them! I've asked Diana to see if she can put these links up somewhere on her website, because I think it's a shame that they're so difficult to find.


Julia Lammert said...

Karen, this is wonderful! I often find navigating Compuserve a bit confusing, and lurk there quite a bit, so I am especially grateful that you put them all together. Thank you! Diana's teaching gene really comes through in her podcasts, and it is that gift of sharing her "how" that makes the series resonate so completely for me, even beyond my love of the characters. Julia

Karen Henry said...

Thanks! I was happy to do it. I think it's fascinating to hear Diana talk about her writing process.


Hardys on the Road said...

Thank you, Karen. I love listening to these podcasts as I exercise on the Recimbent exercise bike. Now, have you by chance done the same thing with some of the excerpts of Diana stories and books?

Karen Henry said...

I don't read excerpts, but if you're looking for a list of all the Book 8 excerpts, go to Jari Backman's site here. Jari is a fan from Finland, and the one who helped me with the "Notable Dates This Month" feature on my blog. His site is definitely worth a look!


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