Check out this wonderful OUTLANDER quilt, by Susan Leidy, aka "Sooz".

Isn't it beautiful??  The attention to detail is just amazing. She even managed to get Willie's snake in there, and the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary edition, complete with ribbon bookmark.  And look closely at the purple book on the right.  Yes, that's a placeholder for WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD! <g>

I think Sooz did a magnificent job on this quilt. Clearly it was a labor of love, and it shows.  I love it!

By the way, when Diana saw this picture over the weekend, her reaction on Facebook was "Oh! That's gorgeous! <g>" And it certainly is.

If you want to learn more about the making of this quilt, check out MaryFaithPeace's blog post here.


Victoria said...

That is awesome. :)

Karen Henry said...

Yes, it's just amazing, isn't it?


Faith_Create! said...

I love the idea that MOBY might be purple! Sooz isn't done yet though - she's creating something new and I'm sure we'll welcome it with anticipation!

Alli Johnson said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE this :) How neat.

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