FIERY CROSS in Audible's Tournament, Round 2

Diana Gabaldon's THE FIERY CROSS won the first round of's Tournament of Audiobooks, 59%-41% over THE NIGHT CIRCUS, with well over 7,000 votes cast.

Second round voting in the tournament has now started. Round 2 pits THE FIERY CROSS against THE WISE MAN'S FEAR by Patrick Rothfuss.

The organizers of the tournament seem to have been a little taken aback by our get-out-the-vote campaign last week <g>, judging from the comments on the page listing the matchup between FIERY CROSS and THE WISE MAN'S FEAR.
We were taught at a young age that numbers don’t lie. Then we became older, and learned that statistics can be used to prove anything. Especially in the realm of fantasy, where these books live. Fear shows up with an overall rating equal to Cross and with way more overall pre-tourney votes, which should make it easy for Rothfuss and Podehl. Problem is, Gabaldon has a massive following. I learned from last week not to underestimate them as I watched them paint the court with Morgenstern’s impressive young squad.

Prediction: It is wise to fear Gabaldon; Diana 57-43.
Everybody please take a moment to vote! Second round voting ends April 2nd. Thanks!


Pat said...

They'll keep putting up Diana's books and we'll keep voting and surprising the organizers with our "floor wiping" each and every time. Bring it on!!!!

Karen Henry said...

Absolutely, Pat!


Anonymous said...

Much as I love Diana's books, I don't think it's ethical to vote unless you've listened to both the books and can make a fair judgment.

Diana's fans should be more than mindless fanatical followers.

Please show some integrity and intelligence and don't vote if you have never listened to the other book.

Karen Henry said...


You're certainly entitled to your opinion. My personal opinion is that THE FIERY CROSS is a terrific read and Davina Porter does a wonderful job narrating it; in fact, it's possibly my favorite of the OUTLANDER audiobooks. And so I'll continue to vote for it in this tournament.

I don't agree that a desire to vote for THE FIERY CROSS in this tournament without having listened to the competing audiobook indicates a lack of "integrity and intelligence" on the part of the people voting. But if that's the way you feel, by all means don't vote unless you've listened to both audiobooks. This contest is just for fun, anyway.


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