FIERY CROSS in Audible's Tournament, Round 3

Diana Gabaldon's THE FIERY CROSS won Round 2 of's Tournament of Audiobooks, 55%-45% over THE WISE MAN'S FEAR, out of a total of 6346 votes cast.

Voting in Round 3 of the tournament has now started. There are only eight books left now, and the competition is heating up!  This round pits THE FIERY CROSS against A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES by Deborah Harkness. (I haven't read A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES yet, but I've heard a wide range of opinions about it, both pro and con. <g>)

From the voting page:
In every single contest last week, the votes were in the thousands. I like the participation and ferocity of the fans, and the turnout has been tremendous. And then there was Gabaldon. Her matchup alone brought in more than 6,000 votes to crush a #1 seed. So how does Witches, coming off a 4-point win, look against the competition?

Prediction: Witches discovers what it’s like to feel the heat; Diana 61-39.
Everybody please take a moment to vote! Third round voting ends April 9th.  Thanks!

If you're having trouble voting, try the HTML version instead. Be sure to scroll down until you see the listing for Round 3.

[UPDATE 4/9/2012 12:20 pm: THE FIERY CROSS has won Round 3, 67% - 33%. The semi-finals start on April 10.]


Cathy Wessels said...

I loved Discovery of Witches and so has everyone I've recommended it to. But, I love Diana more :-) Voted for THC.

Karen Henry said...

I haven't read ADOW yet, but I know a lot of people who have. I think this might be a tough choice for some of those readers. Glad you voted for Diana, though. :-)


French Becky said...

Just voted and it is 73% to 27% in favor of The Fiery Cross! Thanks for reminding me about the new round of voting.

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