FIERY CROSS in the semi-finals of Audible's Tournament!

Diana Gabaldon's THE FIERY CROSS won Round 3 of's Tournament of Audiobooks, 67% to 33% over A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES, out of a total of 2156 votes cast. Congratulations to Diana and to Davina Porter!

Voting in Round 4 (the tournament semi-finals) has now started. Let's keep Diana's momentum going! This round pits THE FIERY CROSS against Haruki Murakami's 1Q84. (I haven't read 1Q84, but I've heard a lot about it.)

From the voting page:
Critically Acclaimed #1 1Q84 vs. Customer Favorites #5 The Fiery Cross

Have you ever tasted humble pie? Try it sometime. I’ve been enjoying a slice every week as Gabaldon has sailed on. In case you’ve forgotten, I chose her to lose in the first round. Whoops. Now she’s up against a #1 seed who had a very shaky week and is pulling in less than half her votes. Murakami must rely heavily on his stable of jukes, fakes, and dodges of reality to make it to the Finals.

Prediction: The last of the #1s gets crossed out by Fire; Gabaldon 58-42
I would love to see that prediction come true. Everybody please take a moment to vote! This round ends April 16th. Thanks!

UPDATE 4/16/2012 12:51 pm: THE FIERY CROSS won the semi-final round, 86%-14% over 1Q84, out of a total of 3423 votes. Congratulations to Diana and Davina Porter! THE FIERY CROSS will be up against THE INFORMATIONIST by Taylor Stevens in the finals. Voting in the final round begins on Tuesday, April 17th.

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