Have you ever heard of I hadn't, until I saw them mentioned on Facebook last week. Apparently this is a company with franchises in the Vancouver and Seattle areas, that does exterior cleaning services -- windows, gutters, etc. -- where all the work is done by men in kilts! (As they say in their advertising, "No Peeking!") Click on the picture above to see a bigger view.

I live in a one-story house, so not much point in hiring these lads to do my windows...but gutters? Yeah, I could see watching them work on ladders. <g>

Unfortunately, they're not located anywhere near where I live. But I thought I'd pass on the link, anyway. If you live in the areas they service, maybe you can try them out? And if not, well, the concept is certainly good for a laugh. <g>


Travel Truth 101 said...

I've got my own man in a kilt (from Glasgow) and he's rubbish at cleaning! Great at making a mess though.

Unknown said...

I live near Seattle and have seen these trucks parked in the University District. Haven't seen the guys yet, but it did get my attention!

Anonymous said...

I pass one of the Men In Kilt garages everyday on my way in to work in Seattle... but have yet to see a bonny redheided lad in his kilt out and about as I drive by. (I'll probably drive off the road if/when I do, so it's probably just as well!)

Unknown said...

If you think about it, the theme of their company is a very good marketing strategy. People are spreading the word about the cleaner guys in kilts because it is a sort of comical idea. Whether you think it is funny or not, you will probably remember this company even months after seeing one of their trucks. I bet they get a lot of business just because, like you said, people want to hire men in kilts to do their work, even if it is just to see it being done.
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