Here's the cover art for the upcoming anthology, THE MAD SCIENTIST'S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION, edited by John Joseph Adams, which will feature Diana Gabaldon's novella, "The Space Between". Click on the picture to see a bigger view.  Thanks very much to Carmen Theiler for letting us know about this cover!

"The Space Between" is a novella (about 40,000 words) that tells the story of Young Ian's brother Michael and Marsali's sister Joan, whom we met in AN ECHO IN THE BONE, as well as the Comte St. Germain (no, he's not dead!).

According to the editor's blog post dated May 16, 2012, THE MAD SCIENTIST'S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION will be published in January, 2013, by Tor Books.  When I have any more specific information on a release date, I'll post it here.

Now here's where it gets complicated. As far as I know, THE MAD SCIENTIST'S GUIDE will be published only in the US. But Diana's story, "The Space Between", will also be published in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand as part of A TRAIL OF FIRE, coming in October, 2012.

So if you live in the US and you don't want to wait until January to get your hands on Diana's new story, you will be able to order A TRAIL OF FIRE from any online bookstore that ships books from the UK.

See Diana Gabaldon's recent blog post for the full explanation, in her own words, of the complexities surrounding the publication rights to "The Space Between" and her other shorter pieces.

Keep watching this page for the latest updates, and as soon as there's any further news, I'll post it here.

(There is a typo on the cover picture shown above, on the second line of text below the picture of the mad scientist. The word is "megalomaniAcal". I mentioned this to Diana Gabaldon on Compuserve and she said she would tell the editor about it, and hopefully they'll fix that in the final version.)

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I can't WAIT for this book to add to my collection!

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